Introducing Technowood...

Introducing TechnoWood...
A revolutionary new product to the UK construction market
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TechnoWood Pergola
Explore our extensive range of bioclimatic pergolas and canopies in a large selection of styles and sizes.
The highly customisable options make these exterior structures the perfect solutions for homeowners’ gardens and businesses.
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TechnoWood Deck
Aluminium decking systems
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Built for Tomorrow
A forward-thinking and eco-friendly solution that uses 98% less wood whilst being 100% natural and free from chemicals, environmentally-friendly and recyclable
A2 Fire Rating
Technowood complies with the latest mandatory fire safety regulations for the exterior finishes of new build or refurbished residential purpose buildings above 11 metres height. We manufacture Euroclass A2-s1,d0 rated materials for cladding, decking, balustrade and solar shading solutions with a real wood finish.
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How to Use

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Ideal Product for Builders Architects Designers

Technowood aluminium profiles

Product Range

Application on Panels and Profiles is one of the key benefits of Technowood. This gives you the ability to make a uniform design including Pergolas, Façade and Windows with the same look and quality.

Technowood veneers


Technowood is not just a product, it is a complete solution for your project. You can use our specially developed systems to solve every detail easily and elegantly.

Technowood used to clad a building

Technowood Projects

Improvement on product means improvement on architect’s imagination. Technowood breaks all the rules known for a wood product. Result : Brilliant Projects.