Technowood wins Innovative Material “Best of Best” 2019 in Munich

iconic awards 2019 winner technowood

Technowood materials honoured with First Prize in Munich! The Iconic Awards 2019 competition which has been organised by the German Design Council held in Munich. The General Manager of Technowood, Emre Alaz, received the first prize in the Innovative Materials category. Emre said “Innovation is at the heart of what we do, our products are … Read more

The impact of timber in the Environment compared to Technowood

Technowood Aluminium Panels used on a private villa

The world of construction can be a much better place with the increased use of timber instead of other construction materials. Timber can considerably reduce the carbon footprint of the complex construction environment we live in. When considering standard building materials, timber is by far the most environmentally welcoming, as it has the lowest energy consumption and the … Read more

Technowood is now available in the UK, Amersham showroom now open

Technowood showroom in Amersham

The freedom of natural timber has reached a new level with Technowood innovation. The touch and feel of real timber can’t be matched, the manufacturing is detailed and the workmanship is technical and costly… This has all changed. Technowood has changed the playing field, it’s arrived in the UK and on display in the new … Read more