A2 Fire Rated Timber Cladding for commercial projects

February 12, 2020

Technowood is the only Timber cladding that is A2 fire rated (A2-s1-d0)

Architects are choosing A2 Fire Rated and Fire Retardant cladding; regulations have been enforce and are getting stricter. There have been too many incidents of recent years and regulations are changing; Scotland have enforced an 11 metre maximum height regulation. The UK may follow suit in the coming months.

A2 Fire Rated Timber Cladding for commercial projects

There is a limited choice for cladding that allows the Architect to choose from. This assumes the design intention is for a real timber aesthetic. If the want is to have a natural product that stays within the realms of biophilia and has an honesty to the look, touch and understanding of what wood brings to a project…

“Technowood is the only product available that is real wood with this level of Fire certification”.

Any building over 18 metres high has to have A2 Fire Rated material used when considering cladding.

Fire retardant wood cladding

Timber cladding has been used for centuries and the need for this charming product to be continued is on the increase. Technowood manufacture a product that is aluminium that is wrapped in a veneer of real wood. (it is warranted for 25 years)

A2 Fire Rated Timber Cladding for commercial projects

“A2 means it is not combustable and it’s safe”

Due to increased regulation with regard to the support and spread a flame on buildings it is increasingly difficult to choose a timber cladding product that can conform. As well as the A2 level of fire retardant, there also detailed “s” and “d” ratings. These pertain to the smoke production and the flaming droplets produced should there be a fire.

Technowood is certified, trialled and tested with results for the cladding of A2 s1 d0

These are our Fire Rating Certificates.

The future for Timber Cladding by TRADA

There are some serious words promulgated by TRADA, The Timber Research and Development Association.

What do TRADA recommend?

Excerpt from the report “However, for high-rise residential buildings over 18 metres, the amended requirement in Regulation 7 attached to Requirement B4 effectively trumps this. You will have to comply with Regulation 7 and so passing a test to BS 8414 using materials that don’t achieve an A1 or A2 rating will still not be acceptable. For other circumstances, e.g. non-residential buildings over 18 metres, it would be acceptable”.

A2 Fire Rated Timber Cladding for commercial projects

More information on Fire rated Aluminium timber cladding

Technowood has been solving Architectural problems for 30 years. Now available in the UK, CPD’s being presented most days of the week in London direct to architects and designers. They also have a showroom in Sky House Design Centre in Amersham.

They offer technical advice pertaining to A2 Fire rated wood laminated Aluminium cladding.

Technowood is real wood, real grain with real certification. It has been used all over the world in the harshest of weather conditions. It has experience, durability and thousands of references.