Some of the best ways to use this revolutionary new technology

TechnoWood Systems

Standard profiles in both aluminum and GRP are veneered on all four sides. Alternatively, they can be veneered as three sides upon request.

Our standard length of profiles is 6 meters. Profiles can be produced shorter or up to 7.5 meters upon special request.

As a standard, the end points of the profiles are open; and they can alternatively be produced as closed with solid wood. Straight or curved options available.

Our colour palette consists of 5 colours as standard. Optional specific colour production can be made for orders above 1000 linear metres.

Technowood cladding facade


As the world’s first A2 fireproof class natural wood coated material, TechnoWood has become the new aesthetic image of current projects. This light system does not bring the load to the building and provides an advantage with fast production, labour, and cost.

TechnoWood is built using a great combination of the naturalness, look and feel of wood on one side and speed, durability, lightness, and recycling brought by the technology on the other side. It prevents situations such as expansion, rotation, cracking, mildew, fungi, bacteria formation, frequent maintenance, and varnishing disadvantages standard wood. It also provides added value to the forests and environmental awareness by using 98% less wood.

TechnoWood Facade and Ceiling systems mean that architects can design without the limitations of standard solid wood materials.


Our range of sunshade and shutter systems consists of TechnoWood Aluminum profiles specially designed for outdoor conditions. That means your system will be much more durable and aesthetic for many years. Outdoor usage of solid wood is a big problem on all moving systems because of dimensional stability. By using Technowood, we can solve all these problems for you to use your shutters without risk.

The Technowood sunshade system includes:

  • Fixed Shutters
  • Fixed Sun Shaders
  • Sliding Shutters
  • Sliding and Folding Shutters
Technowood sunshade system
Technowood used on a bridge railing


Technowood’s sleek and modern look allows for innovative and unique urban furniture designs that can retain the natural and organic look of solid wood material without its limitations. Extensive curves, long spans, and low maintenance requirements make TechnoWood an ideal material for developing new urban furniture projects.


Technowood’s aluminum or GRP substrates with strength and durability make it a perfect resource for building large and expansive pergola systems with a natural wood look but without its drawbacks. 

Create beautiful and long-lasting structures which blend into their surroundings or stand out as a statement piece with the natural wood veneer finish.