Important features of The Technowood cladding colours

November 25, 2019

Technowood veneer timber species

Beech, Walnut, Mahogany, Ash, American Oak and Teak are the standards. My favourite has to be the Ash. The vibrancy of the grain is beautiful, the grey colour has a natural layered effect, one colour of varnish and the grey seems to react well with the open nature of the grain creating the effect of more than one colour.

Teak has the majesty of simply being teak. It matches the very nature of its expectations, Yachts and high end living.

The oak does show the cross-grain element of the semi open grain texture… If it’s traditional and English then it should really be oak. Whilst Beech, Mahogany and Walnut all display a tight grain.

Either way, which ever grain, these product appear as nature intended, not plastic or simulated in anyway. The veneer is real wood and of course FSC certified.

A2 fire rated cladding colour swatches samples

Standard choice of 8 colours

The colour of natural timber is fine to be left in an untreated state but Technowood® have to apply a special coating to conform to the strict manufacturing process with the adhesive, veneer and finally the last layer of varnish. Furthermore, all of these finishing varnishes who differently of the various veneers, in short, the same stain is applied to the different veneers and shows differently depending on the timber species.

The greys are in high demand, they are subtle and stylish. A certain favourite given today’s designers are looking for the most natural finish in a natural material.

On project’s that demand a special or custom colour, this can be achieved depending on the project.

grey fire rated cladding

Environmentally friendly colour varnish

The water based varnish used by Technowood is environmentally sensitive, it also has very low VOC’s and at less that the EU regulation 130gms/Ltr this is well received. These products are all recyclable.

Furthermore, the varnish can be applied again to maintain the colour in high V exposure areas, this is normally about 7 years. Having had these products all over the middle east there is no issue with rapid fading which is abundant on solid timber or man-made synthetic products

Fire rating

The Technowood ® cladding products are all A2 Fire rated, they do not support fire or flame and acts as a barrier to the fire. Most building in the UK are not permitting the use of timber above 18 metres, or 11 metres in Scotland… With Technowood® there are no restrictions due to the performance of the product. The varnish doesn’t need to be reapplied to maintain the A2 rating.

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