Most Frequently Asked Questions about TechnoWood…

Technowood products can be found on nearly all kind of territories in the world. Actually most of our projects are on extreme climates where the natural wood cannot sustain. To give an example, “Kazakhstan” has one of the biggest day/night temperature gap in their cold climate. Sudan is one of the hottest countries in the world. We have finished and aged projects in these territories.

Yes, even in Turkey we have some coastal areas which has the same kind of climate. No problem occurs.

Salt spray test has been done to our veneered material by IFT Rosenheim Germany and its succeeded.

Sulphuric Acid (SO2) test has been already made and succeed at IFT Rosenheim Germany.

Our specially developed veneer is so flexible and it acts like aluminum’s expansion behavior. You can even bend it after veneer application. Bimetal effect doesn’t occur. That’s why we apply very thin layer of veneer.

Cutting and Milling is just damages the varnish at the edge of the profiles. We are supplying our varnish separately, and it can be applied by hand to the cut edges. The aim is to protect edges from water and humidity, because they can cause graying at the edges.

Powder Coating is a vital part of our technology. Powder coating cannot be seen even after the discoloration over time. To avoid problems when a big scratch occurs by an accident, we choose brown tones to make the scratched part look like wood until repairing.

For installation of TechnoWood we recommend to contact us for further information.

To make maintenance, you have to use hard sanding at solid wood applications because of cracks & bending after some time. At Technowood products because of no cracking and bending all you need to do is to clean the surface with a very smooth sand(no.>200) or using chemicals to do this task. And then after varnishing again you can obtain the same first day look easily.

As you will see on our catalogue there are too many projects has been done in hot territories Emirates and Qatar. The glue is not affected from higher temperatures. 

Technowood wood veneered products are backed with 20 years warranty against delamination by the manufacturer. To claim your warranty, please contact us in email: office@technowood.uk and we will take care of claim and guide your through the process.

Rolling and bending can be applied on veneered aluminum profiles but special care should be given at the machinery for not damaging and oiling the veneer. Min. radius value is changing upon design of the profile.

Lead-times for prototypes changes between 2 to 3 weeks, on mass production it is changing 4 to 8 weeks related with the quantity.