How to choose cladding for a Garden Room

January 28, 2020

Why choose a wooden garden room?

Garden rooms made from wooden cladding over a wooden frame have a much softer feel. They add to the structure of the landscape as they are compatible materials. There are often many timber structures in a garden, and when using timber, it has a biophilic benefit. Timber adds to soften the environment and has a calming influence on our well-being compared to something made from composite plastics and sheets of steel compared to vast sections of perfectly formed glass.

The use of timber for the main structure of your garden office or studio will allow the same palette use elsewhere in the scheme. If you have a timber facade for the room, you may consider the balcony, balustrade, and of course, any pergolas or raised structures in the same material. This will add to the style and avoid the obvious clutter of using too many different materials.

Why choose a wooden garden room?

Wooden Cladding that doesn’t rot

Many wooden garden studios and the like often get situated in corners of the garden that don’t get used due to the lack of sunlight. This means that not only are we considering a North facing side but it may be an issue as the build is against a fence or sheltered by something else in the garden. If your garden room is shaded from the sun or in a sheltered location it will certainly need regular maintenance to prevent the green swaths of algae which will lead to premature rotting.

“You can consider the plastic or composite materials, cement boards or a substantial amount of maintenance or you may want to consider Technowood.”

The best option for a garden room structure is Technowood. This is a real timber veneer wrapped over aluminium, it doesn’t rot, is fire rated (A2) and needs virtually no maintenance. It’s also warranted for 25 years.

Technowood can also be used for your balcony, balustrade, pergolas and all of the other products in the scheme.

Garden room advice

When choosing a garden room, you may be guided along steady stream of off the shelf and already designed buildings. Why have the same when you can have the poetic license to create your own custom made garden office or room.

Technowood is one of the most versatile cladding and construction products on the market. It can be used for the structure, windows and doors, ceiling, walls, balustrade, cladding and just about every element of your bespoke project. You just need a designer…

Luxury garden rooms and studios

Technowood is synonymous with luxury, it has adorned the houses of Royalty, luxury hotels and ambassadorial residences around the world.

Should you wish for a specialist design and construction team to create your garden room then do contact Technowood directly. You may wish to visit the office of Technowood which are situated in Sky House Design Centre in Amersham, you should arrange an appointment to receive the full and undivided attention they offer.