How to plan a design for a pergola

January 22, 2020

Are you planning or designing a Pergola? We have some helpful advice on how to build modern pergolas that are easy to install, look beautiful and made from sustainable materials.

How to plan a design for a pergola

Many pergolas off the shelf are made from pine and suit the basic requirement for a raised decorative structure. These are then either painted or adorned with climbing plants. The better structures are cast in metal of varying forms and can also be made from hardwood. Oak or Iroko are some timbers that are normally specified as the more exciting species are hard to source in these larger section dimensions. Long since passed are the days for massive sections of Ipe or similar tropical hardwoods. In most cases timber takes a lot of work to create a finished pergola from raw timber, difficult to machine and very heavy to get into place.

contemporary sustainable pergola

What should I consider? 

If your want is for a simple structure then pine is the way to go, same for most other timbers. You know that all timbers will go grey in the garden so bear this in mind; that’s unless you maintain it every year.

  • Do you want your pergola to look like real timber and not have any maintenance?
  • Want your pergola to be easy to install?
  • Do you want your pergola to be from certified timber?
  • Want your pergola to be warranted for 25 years?
  • Do you want your pergola to look perfect, like timber but without splitting and cracking?

If your answer to these questions is a firm yes then Technowood ® is the product for you.

How to specify a pergola? 

If you are wanting to have or specify a Technowood® raised structure then simply draw out what you would do normally and assume everything is in timber. Send this over to Technowood for pricing. If you like the price then Technowood will create a 3D CAD drawing for you to sign off prior to manufacture… as simple as that.

Design your structure as if you were using timber

Send you design to Technowood

The offer a price

The price is accepted

Technowood produce working drawings for your sign off

Manufacture followed by swift delivery direct to site.

How to design a Technowood ® pergola

Your Architect maybe already engaged or so maybe your garden designer, if not you may contact Technowood direct and they can design this for you… they will install it too.

When using Technowood materials you should be minded that the sections can be much longer than any timber. The sections may span up to 7.5m with no intermediate supports, they will also be a fraction of the weight compared to solid timber. If this span is not long enough then Technowood can manufacture in GRP and span up to 12.5 metres.

You may also learn to like that the dimensions can also be rather substantial too. Real timber has its limitations due to the weight and movement of the natural timber but as Technowood doesn’t have these short comings the sections can be much… much larger. 400mm x 150mm x 6 metres or bigger. This wouldn’t be achievable in a single piece of timber unless it were glulam or had substantial flitch beams, this would add massively to the cost.

 There is a range of off the shelf dimensions to chose from. I think best to suggest that you design it and we can build it…

Reasons to have a Technowood pergola? 

You should have a Technowood pergola if you want something to last, be fire rated, have no maintenance and be warranted for 25 years. They are quick to install and look beautiful for years.

You find Technowood in Sky House Design Centre located in Amersham. The showroom is open Monday to Friday and by appointment on a Saturday. The team look forward to seeing you

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