How to understand aluminium rainscreen cladding for H92

April 8, 2020

What is the best aluminium cladding

The dynamic of design is constantly changing, and what we have is right up to date with current trends. Biophilia is certainly a design style to connect us closer to nature, and so is Technowood. This is Aluminium cladding that has been completely covered in a beautiful timber veneer. It looks like timber, not aluminium…

How long does aluminium cladding last?

Aluminium as a stand-alone product will last for over 40 years, with most aluminium covered in plastic lasting about 15 years. Technowood is warranted for up to 20 years and has a service life much longer than that.

 Aluminium cladding with texture

Technowood aluminium profiles are wrapped in real wood veneer, which gives texture to the cladding and adds sophisticated quality to any project.

Why you should be using aluminium cladding.

If compared to timber, then Technowood is your winner! 

There’s no movement, splitting, checking, warping like in timber. It’s millimetre perfect and stays that way. It’s available in one piece up to 6m in length.

Certified aluminium cladding

Technowood Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding is an A2 fire rated façade suitable for all domestic and commercial projects. It is also certified for FSC and EPD. As such, you may conform to BREEAM and LEED.

FSC      Forestry Stewardship Council

EPD      Environmental Product Declaration

A2 FR  EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009     A2 d1 – s0

Why is Technowood different to all other Aluminium rainscreen cladding options?

Technowood’s most significant difference from other aluminium cladding is appearance and longevity. It is a patented product thus wrapped in natural timber, giving the touch and feel of wood but all the benefits of using aluminium. There are no products similar, nor will you see aluminium wrapped in wood elsewhere.

What are the benefits of aluminium cladding?



Fire rated



How much does aluminium cladding cost?

One can’t offer a price with a specification and with Technowood not limited to one product, it has hundreds it’s best to enquire with a specification.

Is aluminium cladding suitable for houses?

Of course, there have been hundreds of properties that have been clad in the many different products that Technowood has to offer, from plain cladding boards to complex cladding and fin arrangements with matching windows and doors.

How do you clean and maintain Technowood cladding?

Due to the make-up of the timber fibres and the specialist oils that are applied the surface has micro technology to enable a self-cleaning surface. Maintenance is therefore very much removed in the short term. If after many years, you with to apply a finish oil again simply wipe down with a mild soapy cloth, dry and then reapply the surface oil…

Display area or showroom, do you have one

Yes, the products are on display in Sky House Design Centre in Amersham

Specifying Technowood aluminium timber cladding

In all cases your Architect or façade Engineer would do this for you. Technowood can offer a design service and also provide your H92 rainscreen cladding specification for you.