Technowood wins Innovative Material “Best of Best” 2019 in Munich

October 23, 2019

Technowood materials honoured with First Prize in Munich!

The Iconic Awards 2019 competition which has been organised by the German Design Council held in Munich. The General Manager of Technowood, Emre Alaz, received the first prize in the Innovative Materials category.

Emre said “Innovation is at the heart of what we do, our products are designed by Architects for Architects and will continue to evolve for years to come”

Iconic awards 2019 innovative architecture

Technowood continues in the limelight surrounded by the companies in the wood sector by adding this accolade to its awards.

The plus 30 year established company is at the forefront front of product design where minimal use of timber is vital to it’s success.

Technowood is a change of direction due to the reduction of actual timber used, when compared to solid timber. It reduces the timber consumption by 98%… FSC or not, this represents a very low usage of timber.

There is no difference visually as the surface is and feels like timber…

iconic awards 2019 winner technowood

The Team are on standby to welcome you to our presentation in Sky House Design Centre, we have samples, brochures and a reference CPD. If you’d like to visit please let us know here.