Aluminium cladding that looks like real timber

Fire Retardant aluminium cladding that looks like real timber. This system of real timber that wraps aluminium cladding has been around for 30 years; its not a new phenomenon, in some practices, it’s the norm.

Exceptional Architecture with contrasting aluminium wood cladding against a striking white stucco facade. Incredible detailing and accurate installation has made this private residence an iconic statement. Real timber veneer over aluminium results in a contemporary timber cladding, its not an effect, its not plastic… its timber.

Aluminium cladding that looks like real timber.

Set over three floors and a basement, beautiful landscaped surrounds and many balcony terraces make this dwelling the envy of other property owners.  The cladding by Technowood ® has been used to good effect for the wall cladding, soffit board arrangement and also the fascias. This system has many options for start and stop beads with alternatives for reveals and corner detail. The design of these projects is only limited by the designer.

Pergola design and Brise Soleilby Technowood®

As Technowood have been manufacturing since the 1980’s they are well versed in many different profiles and systems in aluminium covered in real wood. Pergolas that span with a clear run up to 12.5 metres, louvres and Brise Soleil that match. We can create a complete system in timber that looks the same, made at the same time by the same hands… the design can also incorporate powder coated or anodized aluminium elements; supplied at the same time. These are also made in the same manufacturing process.

Cladding illumination 

Up lighting, down lighting or washing warm white illumination across the facade of cladding looks beautiful. Further, this offers a welcome from the building during the darker hours, makes your home more inviting, it also looks stylish. It’s a simple effect to achieve and doesn’t cost a lot in comparison to other illuminated elements of the project.

Technowood aluminium timber cladding

The simple system is an inclusive platform of cladding. It starts with a simple L shape bracket, a long length of supporting section T shape (like a timber batten); the cladding directly fixes to it. Think rain screen, when you are designing and you won’t go far wrong. Technowood has been here for 30 years and it’s here to stay. Certified FR A2, FSC and certified for Environmental Product Declaration, its also warranted for 20 years.

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