A Next Level project using A2 FR Rated cladding by Technowood

Aluminium cladding that looks like real timber, quite simply put, but it is actually real timber. Chosen for its natural aesthetic and ultimate fire resistance, Technowood has rapidly become a “go-to” cladding facade for Architects and Designers.

Considered as a sheltered social project, the two towers are located on a raised outdoor podium on a scale that doesn’t hide its presence. The well-developed landscaping area, which also serves as a central garden area, also includes a shopping centre with 150 stores and a cinema. It has a gallery space aligned with transparent oriental pools. These transparent pools, which form the centre of Next Level, illuminate the shopping centre with the sunlight breaking through the water, giving its guests a relaxing ambience. The 7500 sq. m of landscaping is a recipe for complete social togetherness. The public and private wellbeing have been transformed into an urban area. This also allows a diverse culture, entertainment, work and socialisation.

This newly built-up area has also become a new living space for people adopting a modern lifestyle, where business and social life come together. Furthermore, Next Level is designed as a cutting edge mixed-use project of this area, it reflects the development of the region and this contemporary way of life has been well accepted by its new occupants.

The mixed materials manufactured by Technowood is a testimony to the company. As well as its ability to work with the demands of the Architect. By having the expertise to deliver complex shaped materials in the same palette, colour and texture.

Technowood is an FSC certified product; it uses only 2% of timber when compared to solid timber facades. It uses even less when compared to solid timber structures.

Credits and Further information

ArchitectBrigitte Weber Architects
LocationAnkara, Turkey
ProjectCommercial, residential and shopping centre
MaterialsTechnowood Cladding

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