Endless Art Hotel

Wall dividers custom made by Technowood demonstrate style and substance in this twisted design. The room dividers allow visibility through the space whilst creating the feeling of exclusivity, you can see some but not all… a semi secluded room divider.

The stylish interior design of the Endless Art Hotel was accompanied by the natural wood texture and elegant aesthetics of Technowood products. The project was designed by Apart Design & Architecture and completed in 2017.

The nature of TechnoWood products allows the touch and feel of real wood, the organic flow of the grain adds to the biophilic nature of the product.

Considering the complexity of creating this in sold timber would have been costly, steaming and veneering would have had issues from the start. Technowood overcame the problems of using sold timber and offered a substantial cost saving.

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Credits and Further information

ArchitectApart Design & Architecture
ProductTwisted vertical louvres

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