Private Villa, facade cladding, demanding structures and massive cantilevers

Designed by architects from Qatar, this complex villa has a very different design from the usual house models; Clean and angular forms which are broken up with massive section of timber structures. These structures are not ordinarily large section of timber. They are created in house at Technowood and serve as a “reduced timber option”. Furthermore, with only using 2% when compared to using sold timber for the same project.

Stone, metals and glass are the main texture of the design. These white tones of concrete structured against panels of natural timber, it’s most eye-catching feature. Located in Dohada, one of the most modern cities of Qatar, this futuristic house is also accompanied by the tranquil nature of the pool and the wooden sunbathing areas surrounding the secluded exterior.

When working with designs for projects, Technowood allows the Architect to think big and realise big at the same time. Unsupported beams of this natural material can span up to 12 metres unsupported… imagine this section in a hard wood, the weight would be tonnes in comparison to the lightweight Technowood option.

Credits and Further information

LocationDohada, Qatar
MaterialsCantilevered Bris Soleil, solid forms and cladding in Technowood
ProjectPrivate Villa

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