Technowood pergola at Bodrum Caresse Hotel

Bodrum Caresse Hotel Technowood pergola roof covering. Pergola sections spanning over 12 metres, Technowood systems have solved an Architectural problem that been around for decades.

Hotel Pergola with unsupported span

Hardwood timber has been used for many years. Creating roof structures for both interior and exterior applications. Its well known that with timber, the further you need to span means the larger the timber section required. Only to a certain point where steel flitch beams are required. Then the Architect may consider using Glulam beams in a similar arrangement. The sight of steel plates and huge fixing bolts may not be acceptable to the design and so Architects and designers need something else.

“From centre stage and into the lime light shines Technowood… Tah Dah…”

Technowood is normally fabricated with Aluminium and timber, this is usually acceptable length to 7.5 metres span. In this instance, the fabrication was with GRP and real timber. Glass Reinforced Polymer is able to span up to 12.5 metres.

The exterior terraces, designed with massive pergolas; unsupported throughout their length and signed off from the Structural Engineer for conformance.

Swimming Pool Pergola

The swimming pool is also covered with an extreme pergola system. The span here is enormous and impressive nonetheless. It provide the vertical structure exactly as the design intended and provides dappled shade across the whole area. There are no upright support pillars to obstruct the walkways or vista.

These sections like exactly like huge timber beams, they maybe GRP in the inside but they are certainly real wood on the outside.

Brise soleil for terraces and balconies

You can see from the images that the Technowood has been used to match the design of the pergolas to create brise soleil arrangements on the balconies. These are normal quite small affairs in small spans and not normally in timber, these are different. They are massive in section, huge in length and still in timber.

Architects often specify raised timber structures to create shade from the sun. Technowood enable the design to become reality somewhat easier than first imagined. The sections can be moveable, house lighting and speakers too.

Installing a Technowood Pergola

Each project design must go through the design team at Technowood for approval; They advise on all fixing details. The team have designed and delivered thousands of projects over the last 2 and more decades

Instead of many hands, cranes and dangerous work environments, Technowood systems for Pergolas and Brise Soleil arrangements are lightweight. The fixings, usually hidden from sight resulting in cleaner lines, no flitch plates or nuts and bolts.

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