Technowood wall art interior for Council Chamber

A clear first BREEAM certified public management structure where the building interior design demanded sharp attention to detail; Technowood was a clear choice. The saving on solid timber was a driving force in the decision process. Certified FSC and A2 FR were also important considerations when compared to sold timber. Happy New Service Building was designed by the Architectural Bureau.

The Municipality new service building has been designed with a creative understanding which explores an interior that maximises the room use. Therefore, the space has an uplifting positivity to the vertical design.

Project Requirements

The building planning consent required ‘green building’ credentials. Furthermore, BREEAM-BESPOKE criteria were used in this project and BRE-GLOBAL prepared tailor-made criteria directly to the specific building type.

Turkey’s first BREEAM certified building will be public; this project is expected to bring a lot of innovation including environmental sensitivity. Thus, it is foreseen that similar criteria will be applied in the future construction in the development region.

Further, the main features of this project are a passive air conditioning system and natural lighting, double wall and gallery, economical water usage, recyclability of the material where possible. The enviro-friendly green roof and environment considerate plant preferences.

Technowood satisfied all build requirements, the planning was especially happy with the aesthetics of such a diverse material. Invisibly fixed vertical columns solved the solution of the curved nature of the design; as well as the speed of installation which made the use of this wood finished product even more cost effective.

Technowood is environmentally friendly, efficient to fit, FSC, A2 FR. By using Technowood this project has a timber consumption by 98%.

Credits and Further information

Interior design           The Architectural Bureau

Location                      Turkey


Material                      Alu-Click Technowood Beams


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