The best aluminium cladding for a Private Residence

Aluminium and real timber cladding

The best aluminium cladding for your private home, extension, renovation is Technowood ® cladding. It is faster than most cladding systems to install and has been available for almost 30 years. Tried, tested, analyzed and put through its paces in some of the toughest weather locations Technowood has proved itself a worthy product.

How does Timber cladding weather

There are many solid timbers used as conventional cladding, the main complaint being that the weathering is inconsistent. The colours fade at different rates which may look unsightly.

UV light damages wood because it breaks down the wood’s lignin. Lignin is  a component of wood that strengthens the cell walls and holds the fibres together. This process is called photo-oxidation.

Technowood doesn’t suffer in the same way. This is because the manufacturing process of the veneer and the resins used to replace the lignin; thus negating the short comings of normal timber.

You can’t really stop natural timber from weathering. However, with Technowood you can be assured of consistency.

How to avoid water staining on cladding

Avoiding water stains on timber cladding is something of a myth. Unless you maintain your cladding almost weekly there will always be indications of water staining. It is a product exposed to the elements and as such will be at least damp for most of the year; therefore will show water staining.

Completed in 2012 this project is in Samsun, turkey. Receives full exposure from the sun and heavy rain (don’t think it doesn’t rain in Turkey as it does, it snows too). This project called for Technowood because it would keep the natural colour of the timber for much longer compared to normal timber cladding.

Can normal timber cladding be warrantied?

Under normal circumstances, you can’t warranty normal timber; unless it has gone through pressure treating or surface treatment that has such a warranty. These warranties are not ambiguous so long as the treatment process is followed to the letter of instruction.

“The warranty for Technowood products is 20 years”.

Salt Spray Testing

Salt spray testing, a practice of checking the corrosion resistance of the surface of materials that have a coating. During salt spray testing, an accelerated corrosive attack is produced in order to measure the performance. This demonstrates how well the coating protects the metal.

 “Salt spray test has been done to our veneered material by IFT Rosenheim Germany and its succeeded.”

 Technowood aluminium and timber veneer cladding

The products available from Technowood are in standard width dimensions from 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. They look like real wood because it’s a real wood veneer. The product has very little to no maintenance; It also carries Fire Rating A2. This is perfect to future proof your property

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