The Gem

The Gem

A full redesign and refurb took place at the ground floor of 111 Piccadilly in the heart of Manchester to accommodate a multifunctional co-working space within an independent coffee and lounge.
IQ Projects have created a sculpture-like façade, using triangle structural glass panels in combination with our bespoke made, real oak veneered Technowood panels.

Extraordinary design with extraordinary limitations

They wanted to build a façade that is not only artistic and beautiful from the outside, but it is also practical and part of the interior design as well.
All the glass panels are functioning as windows, letting light into the lounge and providing visibility to the outside.

The complex structure had to use minimal sections too, so it can achieve the design. IQ has used steel instead of aluminium to build the structure, so it remains slim.

The other challenge was the wooden elements. A specialist product was needed. Wooden panels that are strong, large and thin enough to be used.
Panels that will stand the weather conditions, and requires minimal maintenance.
We were able to supply these open grain oak veneered panels, that is rich in texture.

Technowood eliminates the design limits of wooden elements

Using real wood veneer has been popular for decades, the reason it gained popularity was to achieve better designs while saving on cost.

Technowood has leveraged the benefits of this method and created patented solutions that ensures the veneers will last externally on all kinds of materials, such as Aluminium.
With Technowood we can create the most unique pieces of real wood finished products.


Some of the key benefits of Technowood products:

It can be A2 fire rated

Much lighter than solid timber or even composite materials

Up to 60% quicker on installation

No flitch beams nor unnecessary reinforcing

No visible fixings

Warranted for 20 years

FSC and Environmental Product Declaration

And it looks like timber … because it is wrapped in real timber veneer.


We do have in-house designers that offer solutions should you require. You can visit our office and showroom which is based in the Sky House design Centre, Amersham. Easily accessible by public transport (metropolitan line) or by car (M25 J18/M40 J2), please make sure you book an appointment.


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