Timber vertical fin cladding for contemporary house

One of the most talked about subjects in timber cladding are the Vertical Fins.

Solid timber or even huge steel forms are cumbersome, heavy and expensive. They often require specialist structural fixings and tame consuming to install.

Technowood fins have been created to transform this arena. Simple in design, ultra-light weight and easy to install, saving on materials and labour for large scale commercial projects. In the main they are fabricated in Aluminium and if the spans are excessive they can be manufactured in GRP. All Technowood finishes are real timber…

Vertical Fins, which uses Technowood products in facade design, attracts attention with its impressive architecture.

There are multiple options for cladding and facade design within the world of Technowood. Interspersed vertical forms with spaces between or even panels of cladding… all manufactured under one roof and delivered to site at the same time, same batch, same material, same colour, same texture all with the same impressive result.

Technwood have a showroom in Sky House Design Centre in Amersham, quick access from the Metro line. They also offer CPD presentation during the week direct to your practice… samples and product brochures all also available.


ArchitectGokhan Aksoy Architects in collaboration with AS Architects
LocationPrivate residence
ProductTechnowood Fins, Cladding and Paneling

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