Welcome Break Newark Services

Welcome Break Newark Services featuring wood veneered aluminium cladding


The new service area at Fernwood which is located at the junction of the A1 and the B6326 will open from 1st of March 2023.

 A compliant and pleasing façade

Their designers wanted to create a façade for the main building, that will make it pop, yet looks natural.

Contemporary detailing with a natural material is often hard to achieve without sacrificing on the durability and the aesthetics. Because of the strict regulation, timber could not be used due to its poor fire resistance.


We were able to supply wood veneered aluminium cladding for this project. 100% real wood finished, yet a non-combustible cladding system.

Our approved installers PSBK Limited did an outstanding job creating a contemporary yet natural looking façade that has indeed made the building pop!

They have managed to highlight most of the advantages of wood veneered aluminium cladding on this project.


  • The cladding goes down to the ground, without having to worry about the splash zones.
    They have managed to achieve a very sought after and neat parapet detail too.


  • They utilized the standard 6 meters length of our products. They used single pieces of louvres for the front. Even got away with only one joint in each cladding row on the 8 meters tall façade.


  • They have fitted cladding boards in different directions, even so on different angles and still were able join them seamlessly.


  • Speedy and quality installation that minimizes overhead costs ideal for commercial project


Specify Technowood with ease and knowledge

Our wood veneered aluminium products are getting specified more and more often for similar commercial projects.
We wanted to make this process as easy as possible, this is why our products are available on NBS source.
To learn more about these material, and understand the advantages offered, check out our CPD that has been approved by the Royal Institution of British Architects.

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