Progress update: Luxury self-built home uses Technowood natural wood veneered Cladding & Louvres in Poole

Luxury self-built home features Technowood natural wood veneered aluminium Cladding and Louvres in Poole


A beautiful┬á fa├žade that withstands the coastal environment and achieves the ever complex design requirements and wishes.

David James Architects (dja.) have envisioned a dark, authentic and natural timber cladding for this project to harmonize with the beautiful combination of natural stone and aluminium pressing.
The challenges were the atmospheric conditions, given the property is near the sea which would make natural timber very unpractical.

The Client’s desire for unique louvres in front of their many windows to create privacy screen as well as a solar shading solution was the other key aspect of this project.

During the design process, we have suggested to mount the external louvres to the soffits only. Essentially creating vertical fins that are appear to be floating.
After multiple mock-up proposals, our design team were able to achieve and specify the most ideal mounting system for this one of a kind application.

PSBK Limited have carried out this installation too to ensure quality & accuracy which both key aspects of this project.

Some of the key characteristics of the Technowood products and the installations were:
  • They had to clad the curved external walls over with vertical Tongue and Groove style natural wood veneered aluminium cladding.
    The blockwork’s tolerances for such a structure is very different from a precision finished product, which provided a challange.
    Fortunately, our adjustable aluminium carrier system allowed the installation team to create a perfect structure to fix the cladding to.


  • There were no joints on the cladding! Utilizing the 6000mm long standard profiles; the whole project could be completed with minimal waste and no staggered cladding boards.


  • The installation precision of the privacy & shading fins front of the windows, which created a true design statement and focal point on this property.


  • The rigidity and structural integrity of the 150mm x 100mm floating louvres that measure over 3 meters in length.


Specify Technowood with ease and knowledge

Our wood veneered aluminium products are getting specified more and more often for similar commercial projects.
We wanted to make this process as easy as possible, this is why our products are available on NBS source.
To learn more about these material, and understand the advantages offered, check out our RIBA approved CPD.

For samples and technical support, please feel free to call us.

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