Technowood is now available in the UK, Amersham showroom now open

October 1, 2019

The freedom of natural timber has reached a new level with Technowood innovation. The touch and feel of real timber can’t be matched, the manufacturing is detailed and the workmanship is technical and costly… This has all changed. Technowood has changed the playing field, it’s arrived in the UK and on display in the new showroom in Amersham.

Come and see us in Sky House Design Centre (Amersham is on the Metropolitan line).

Technowood showroom in Amersham

Technowood has the look of real wood because that’s exactly what it is; aluminium wrapped in a beautiful timber that is warranted for 25 years. It is FSC, sustainable and uses 98% less timber when compared to solid timber for the same project. It is also Euroclass A2 Fire Rated; which to date is unmatched in the industry.

Cladding, structures, windows, doors, panels, Rain screen, bris soleil, solar shading, pergolas, Architectural structures… you design it and we can make it… we can install it too.

“Designed by Architects for Architects”

The product started in 1986, and after 10 years of strict development is now the go to staple across the middle east; and branching out in Europe. Furthermore, we look after the entire UK and work with Architects, Designers, Landscapers and Contractors on specification for exact detailing for every project.

What is The Sky House Design Centre? 

The benefits of our showroom being located in the Sky House Design Centre makes absolute sense as it’s frequented daily by many of the companies that specify professional product for the construction industry.

We have many products on display, reference books and samples for you to take away for your libraries.

You can simply drop in and be made welcome by our Showroom and Office Manager. You can also make a specific appointment for a technical consultant to be on hand. Our Construction Manager can also be made available to assist with the finer points of installation should this be required.

Can you come and see me?

CPDs are also held in the Design Centre and should you not be able to make one we can quite easily come to you.

Book your CPD Here

Our launch open day is being planned and you will be invited in due course. We look forward to seeing you and introducing you to the most exciting construction material…

Designed by you… for you.