What can I do with Technowood?… A few ideas

September 30, 2019

Technowood should be considered for furniture, shutters, sliding doors, louvres, pergolas, framework, timber structures and many more attributes far more than a simple cladding or façade.

Technowood Street Furniture

A simple statement of good taste in materials is when Technowood is used for street furniture. One may consider off the shelf products or one may also consider their Architect to design with absolute detail. 90 x 90 box section in angles or curves, you design it and we can manufacture it… failing that you may consider our in-house design service… the choice is yours.

If you require massive sections we can use GRP instead of aluminium which can easily support heavy loading for commercial projects.

The veneer is robust and can withstand abrasion. It has been impregnated with durable chemical solutions which allow the timber to move at the same rate as the aluminium or GRP. This is of course without splitting, cracking and delaminating.

We can supply the materials in length for your contractor’s own creativity or we can manufacture to your design… delivery direct to site and rapid installation by you and thus reducing cost.

Technowood for shutters, door frames, room dividers and panels

Many a project has a need for timber panels, door frames and similar custom made products. At Technowood we are able to take your design and manufacture rather clever products… all of which look like real timber. We can fire rate, warrant and FSC certify the products… Oh and the reason it looks like wood is because that’s exactly what it is.

Automatic sliding shutters are often supplied in set panel formats, we can manufacture to your design. We supply the mechanics too, top and bottom rails complete with rollers and sliding mechanisms. Room dividers are very much the same without the mechanics, simpler too.

The door frames are usually specified because the contractor was able to supply fire rate doors but not fire rated door frame surrounds. We can, once we have established the timber species and colour, then we are able to match this and custom manufacture the door items as required. This is pretty much the same story for the wall panels, send us your drawings and specification and we shall provide a cost for the materials only or we can even recommend a professional company to install for you.

For samples or any technical questions please get in touch office@technowood.uk