What is TechnoWood?

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Technowood aluminium profiles

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Technowood veneers

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Technowood aluminium profiles


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Technowood cladding used on a villa

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Technowood aluminium profiles


Technowood aluminium profiles

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP)

wood veneers

Technical Specifications

Technowood is a patented system for an aluminium or GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) substrate which is coated in a completely natural timber veneer. This gives the aesthetic and natural feeling of timber but uses 98% less timber in production. In addition, these materials can meet A2 Class fire rating enabling use on many projects.

The majority of our profiles are made to order; this allows us to meet most design details where solid timber often falls short. The added stability of using aluminium or GRP adds to our ability to meet your project’s needs. We have many Technowood applications these include cladding, pergolas, furniture, sunshades and more. 

This system is durable and hardwearing which are currently being used in the harshest climatic conditions around the world. The installation of all our products is kept as simple and easy by providing the complete system. The complete package includes the proprietary wall brackets, immediate support structure and the cladding system. The exact nature of the brackets and structure may vary depending on your design requirements.