An Idea Came True

Technowood represents a scale of products that emerge with a natural wood veneering of durable materials to outdoor conditions. The three primary materials used are aluminium profiles and plates, aluminium composite plates, grp (glass fibre reinforced polyesters) profiles and plates. With Technowood products having various details, it could help designers to achieve unique projects. Technowood products can be used for interior and exterior spaces. It provides high-performance solutions in building pergolas, flowerpots, outside benches, facades, balconies and many many more. Besides all these advantages, one of the superior features of technowood is that it uses 98% less tree ratio in the production. In this way, it also helps protect the forests that we’ve been destroying due to fatal fires and over-consumption.

Being used in different construction areas and becoming one of the irrevocable, technowood meets the customers with a revolutionary product. Solid wood has been the limelight object of significant investments. However, as architects and users are very well aware, ageing due to time and environmental factors and deformations have reached a severe extent. When creating these kinds of problems for investors and designers, solid wood also causes loss of cash and reputation. In comparison, all the products under the technowood brand eliminate all these problems and become the projects’ added value. The requested results are achieved from artificiality, with 100% natural wood veneers and varnished products. In addition, easy assembly of the products produced following customer preferences, high resistant values and aesthetic (realistic) views place technowood products on the top of the list of the users’ choices.